Universal Robots

Application of innovational technologies is often our solution to improve efficiency and profitability in industry.

Physical prototypes help seeing how concept works.

In our Lab we have Universal Robots that allow prototyping of various manufacturing processes like welding, painting, cleaning, assembly etc.

Universal Robots are easy to program, safe to use and lightweight.

We have two models of Universal Robots (UR) available: UR5 and UR10 with payload 5 kg and 10 kg respectively.

UR5 and UR10:

UR5 : weight – 18.4 kg; reach- 855 mm

UR10: weight – 28.9 kg, reach – 1300 mm

Common for UR5 and UR10:

Joint ranges:  +/-360°

Repeatibility:                 +/-0.1 mm

Degrees of freedom:     6 rotating joints

IP classification:           IP54


Belonging to robot graphical user interface on 12 inch touchscreen is used for programming:


We have standard grippers as 2-Finger gripper and Unigripper that are often used. But we also design ourselves and produce grippers optimally adapted to project’s purpose.


Robotiq 2-Finger Gripper is often used for pick and place operations:



Finger grip: 0.4 mm

Gripper weight with mechanical coupling: 850 gr

Maximum recommended payload: 5 kg

Grip force: 60 till 200 N

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