Robot Technology for Cleaning of Fish Processing Equipment

SeaSide image video

Project period: 01.08.2014 – 31.12.2014


Research Council of Norway

Nofima- research and development organization for the fisheries, aquaculture and food industries

SeaSide AS- inventor and producer of fish processing equipment


Robots have not been applied before for cleaning of fish processing equipment, therefore robot’s ability to perform this operation has been tested in this VRI- project.

The fact that Norwegian fish processing industry stresses integration of problem solutions, affected the choice of physical prototyping as a research method.

Physical prototype has provided integration of stakeholders in development process in real time via Active Participation research method and tests-Workshops.

Tests results have not only proved that robotic application for cleaning of fish processing equipment is technically feasible, but have given unexpected significant innovational and organizational results that could add great value and provide competitive advantage to Norwegian processing industry on international marked.



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